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Breakfree Blueprint

Breakfree Blueprint

Break Free! Experience a life of prosperity where time is abundant, your hard work reflects in your take-home pay, and your business thrives with impressive profits.

Partner with RSS Accounts to access expertise, resources, and support that will transform your business and your life.

Our dedicated team optimises time management, streamlines operations, and maximises profits.

Imagine more time for loved ones, passions, and unforgettable memories.

Achieve financial stability with a successful, profit-generating business. Don’t wait another day feeling overwhelmed and unfulfilled.

Take the first step towards a brighter future.

Contact us today and Break Free.

Let’s turn dreams into reality, creating a life abundant in time and money.

What to Expect

We are a fully digital accountancy practice that understands and utilises the latest technologies to make accounting more efficient. All our software is included in your monthly fee and our cloud-based system means you will have real-time access to your business finances whenever you may need it. Let’s embark on this exhilarating journey together and unlock the full potential of your business. Break Free and make your dreams a reality!

More Cash

Many business owners fall into the habit of sacrificing their own take-home pay to support their business. 

Sacrificing personal take-home pay or irregularly paying oneself will result in personal financial instability, limited business growth, budgeting challenges, increased risk of burnout, diminished entrepreneurial rewards, and potential damage to professional reputation.

Prioritising fair and consistent compensation is vital for long-term success and personal well-being.

Our signature Break Free blueprint will provide you with the tools to organise your cash flow.

This is crucial for:

  • financial stability
  • strategic planning
  • risk management
  • informed decision-making
  • business growth
  • fostering strong relationships.


Prioritising cash flow management ensures stability and enables you to make informed choices that support the long-term success of your business.

Increase Profits

Don’t be deceived by impressive profits in your accounts. Often, these profits aren’t readily available in your bank account when you need them for purchases. 

Neglecting financial control and failing to save profits can have severe consequences for your business.

Insufficient savings can lead to cash flow issues, missed opportunities for growth and expansion, increased debt reliance, and overall financial instability.

Without a financial safety net, your business becomes vulnerable to unexpected challenges and lacks the resources to seize market opportunities.

Prioritising financial management and saving profits is crucial for building resilience, sustaining operations, and ensuring long-term success.

Take control of your finances, establish savings, and secure the financial future of your business.

Unlock higher profits with our Break Free Blueprint. Investigate your pain points and profit allocation for clarity on boosting your bottom line. Act and reap the rewards

Free Up Your Time

The Importance of Allocating Time for Your Business

How much time do you intentionally set aside each day to work on your business?

It’s crucial to recognise that without a conscious effort to dedicate time each day, you expose yourself to various risks.

By neglecting this aspect, you may miss out on vital opportunities, experience stagnation, witness declining performance, face inefficiency, and put yourself at a competitive disadvantage.

Moreover, financial instability and a disrupted work-life balance may also become prevalent.

Make it a priority to allocate sufficient time for your business, as it plays a pivotal role in its growth, success, and overall sustainability.

Break Free from the Chains: Reclaim Your Time and Business Freedom!

Discover the secrets to freeing up your time and liberating yourself from being a slave to your business. With our transformative Break Free Blueprint, you’ll regain control, allowing your business to work for you as originally intended.

Our accountability system ensures your success in breaking those chains. Embrace the freedom you deserve.

Time to tame your business: You started it because you wanted to be free!

Startling statistics reveal that approximately 50% of businesses succumb to failure within their initial five years.

Those that survive often find themselves burdened with significant debt, and these owners are stressed!

The relentless pursuit of success leaves many entrepreneurs trapped in a financial nightmare.

Working tirelessly as their once-promising business transforms into a haunting ordeal. The exhausting struggle to regain control becomes all-consuming, leading to sleepless nights, concerns about payroll, and the constant anxiety of unpaid bills.

You started your business to have freedom. Yet, it appears the business itself has become your jailer, dictating your every move.

Money problems: Without enough money, we are slaves to our business.

You will have put a lot of work into growing your business, you are great at that part. Nobody understands your vision better than you do. But without enough money, we struggle to reach our full potential. You may have mastered how to grow your business, how to connect with customers, and how to make your business ‘the place to be’. But if you don’t master how to control money or how to grow it you will never break free of your jail.

There are two reasons why you are stressed with your business:

  1. Sales slow down: In the hospitality industry, it is common to experience fluctuations in sales. If sales decline and you operate with limited reserves, you may not have the sufficient cash flow to meet your expenses.
  2. Sales accelerate: During peak season, sales may increase significantly, but so do expenses. Maintaining a constant cash flow becomes challenging. While a successful summer might give the impression of permanent growth, periods of low sales can create a substantial gap in cash flow, as sales fail to cover debts.


In both circumstances, you run out of cash.  Desperate measures, such as borrowing from Peter to pay Paul become necessary. And the first thing to get used up is any profit you may have made.

You want to be in a place of healthy, sustainable growth where profit is attainable. This is where our Break Free Blueprint comes in.